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The role of latitudinal, genetic and temperature variation in the induction of diapause of Papilio glaucus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)



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Recognition of the Role of the Native Language in SLA

【摘要】<p>During the course of second language learning research,the</p><p>role of native language has always been a controversial topic.Research</p><p>of second language learning will be considered incomplete and imperfe</p><p>ct without referring to the role of the learner’s native language.</p><p><br/></p>

《东方教育》 | 2015年14期 | 董轩嫣玥

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Role of the Nocturnal Low-level Jet in the Formation of theMorning Precipitation Peak over the Dabie Mountains

【摘要】<p>The diurnal variation of precipitation over the Dabie Mountains (DBM) in eastern China during the 2013 mei-yu seasonis investigated with forecasts of a regional convection-permitting model. Simulated precipitation is verified against surfacerain-gauge observations. The observed morning precipitation peak on the windward (relative to the prevailing synoptic-scalewind) side of the DBM is reproduced with good spatial and temporal accuracy. The interaction between the DBM and anocturnal boundary layer low-level jet (BLJ) due to the inertial oscillation mechanism is shown to be responsible for thisprecipitation peak. The BLJ is aligned with the lower-level southwesterly synoptic-scale flow that carries abundant moisture.</p><p>The BLJ core is established at around 0200 LST upwind of the mountains. It moves towards the DBM and reaches maximumintensity at about 70 km ahead of the mountains. When the BLJ impinges upon the windward side of the DBM in the earlymorning, mechanical lifting of moist air leads to condensation and subsequent precipitation</p><p><br/></p>

《大气科学进展》 | 2019年1期 | Peiling FU

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The role of wildlife (wild birds) in the global transmission of antimicrobial resistance genes

【摘要】Antimicrobial resistance is an urgent global health challenge in human and veterinary medicine. Wild animals are not directly exposed to clinically relevant antibiotics; however, antibacterial resistance in wild animals has been increasingly reported worldwide in parallel to the situation in human and veterinary medicine. This underlies the complexity of bacterial resistance in wild animals and the possible interspecies transmission between humans, domestic animals, the environment, and wildlife. This review summarizes the current data on expanded- spectrum p-lactamase (ESBL), AmpC p-lactamase, carbapenemase, and colistin resistance genes in Enterobacteriaceae isolates of wildlife origin. The aim of this review is to better understand the important role of wild animals as reservoirs and vectors in the global dissemination of crucial clinical antibacterial resistance. In this regard, continued surveillance is urgently needed worldwide.

《动物学研究》 | 2017年2期 | Jing Wang

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A Numerical Study of Mesoscale Vortex Formation in the Midlatitudes: The Role of Moist Processes

【摘要】<p>In this study, a three-dimensional mesoscale model was used to numerically simulate the well-known “98.7” heavyrainfall event that affected the Yangtze Valley in July 1998. Two experiments were conducted to analyze the impact ofmoist processes on the development of meso- scale vortices (M V) and their triggering by mesoscale wind perturbation(MWP). In the experiment in which the latent heat feedback (LHF) scheme was switched off, a stable low-level col field(i.e., saddle field—a region between two lows and two highs in the isobaric surface) formed, and the MWP triggered a weakM V. However, when the LHF scheme was switched on as the MWP was introduced into the model, the M V developedquickly and intense rainfall and a mesoscale low-level jet (mLLJ) were generated. The thickness of the air column and averagetemperature between 400 and 700 hPa decreased without the feedback of latent heat, whereas they increased quickly when theLHF scheme was switched on, with the air pressure falling at low levels but rising at upper levels. A schematic representationof the positive feedbacks among the mesoscale vortex, rainfall, and mLLJ shows that in the initial stage of the M V, the MWPtriggers light rainfall and the latent heat occurs at low levels, which leads to weak convergence and ageostrophic winds. In themature stage of theM V, convection extends to the middle-to-upper levels, resulting in an increase in the average temperatureand a stretching of the air column. A low-level cyclonic circulation forms under the effect of Coriolis torque, and the mLLJforms to the southeast of the M V.</p>

《大气科学进展》 | 2019年1期 | Yongqiang JIANG

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Causes of the Extreme Hot Midsummer in Central and South China during 2017: Role of the Western Tropical PacificWarming

【摘要】This study investigates why an extreme hot midsummer occurred in Central and South China (CSC) during 2017. Itis shown that the western North Pacific subtropical high (WNPSH) was abnormally intensified and westward-extending,resulting in anomalous high pressure and consequent extreme heat over CSC. The abnormal WNPSH was favored by thewarming of the western tropical Pacific (WTP), which was unrelated to ENSO and manifested its own individual eect. The WTP warming enhanced the convection in-situ and led to anomalous high pressure over CSC via a local meridionalcirculation. The influence of the WTP was confirmed by CAM4 model experiments. A comparison between the 2017midsummer and 2010 midsummer (with a stronger WNPSH but weaker extreme heat) indicated that the influence of theWNPSH on extreme heat can be modulated by the associated precipitation in the northwestern flank. The role of the WTP was verified by regression analyses on the interannual variation of the WTP sea surface temperatureanomaly (SSTA)。 On the other hand, the WTP has undergone prominent warming during the past few decades, resultingfrom decadal to long-term changes and favoring extreme warm conditions. Through a mechanism similar to the interannualvariation, the decadal to long-term changes have reinforced the influence of WTP warming on the temperature over CSC,contributing to the more frequent hot midsummers recently. It is estimated that more than 50% of the temperature anomalyover CSC in the 2017 midsummer was due to the WTP warming, and 40% was related to the decadal to long-term changesof the WTP SSTA.

《大气科学进展》 | 2019年5期 | Ruidan CHEN

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The important role of humanistic feelings in documentary photography

【摘要】<p>When talking about the relationship with humanistic care,Gu zheng said:Whether it is a professional photographer or an amateurphotographer,you should think about the reality of the so-called &quot;humanistic care&quot; from the standpoint of facing reality.Meaning,humanistic careneeds to be implemented in reality to be humanistic care.Since its birth,documentary photography has been a witness to society,makingunremitting efforts for the return of human dignity,existence,and humanity.It uses images to solidify history and provide reliable literature forsociety.Looking at the history of documentary photography,it is not difficult to see the importance of the humanistic feelings that images show.Forthe question of humanistic care in photography,it can be seen historically from the perspective of the change in the relationship between thephotographer and the subject.Perhaps some clues can be found that can help to think about the relationship between photography and human care</p>

《科学导报》 | 2019年26期 | 于海宴

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The operation of the dyeing and printing industry in the first half of 2019


《中国纺织(英文版)》 | 2019年9期 | 本刊编辑部

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The Cultural Connotation and Aesthetic Features of the Cloud Symbol in the Embroidery of the Qiang

【摘要】Qiang embroidery in culture and art of the Qiang in Aba, as one item included in the Tier Two of national intangible cultural heritage protection, embodies unique cultural information and artistic aesthetic features of the Qiang. The cloud symbol in Qiang embroidery not only reflects a portrayal of the life of the Qiang people, but also reflects their ethnic cultural characteristics and artistic aesthetic characteristics. As the most unique traditional pattern of the Qiang, the cloud pattern is a basic pattern which exhibits a wide degree of variation ; it also has functional features ; and because it holds an important place within the traditional patterns of China, it strongly influences people’s daily life. As for its cultural connotation, it is a way to express ethnic emotion. The irregular changes of the shape of the cloud pattern provides people with unlimited imaginary space, and people take these irregular variations of the shape of the cloud pattern, and apply it into various aspects of their social life. In this way, the cloud pattern realizes people’s emotional expression within their primitive religion, or primitive concepts. These symbols or patterns express auspiciousness, peacefulness ,and goodness. They have become a cultural symbol representing the Qiang’s civilization. This article conducts a comparative study on several selected typical cloud patterns of the Qiang. It<br/>analyzes their types, colors, composition, and techniques of expression, as well as their artistic features within Qiang embroidery. Finally, the article further explores the ethnic culture and spiritual core contained in the pattern.

《民族学刊》 | 2017年5期 | Zhou Li

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