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Molecular characterization of three Hsp90 from Pieris and expression patterns in response to cold and thermal stress in summer and winter diapause of Pieris melete



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Photosynthetic pigments accumulation and some growth indices of cowpea, maize and tomato in response to interspecific and intraspecific competition stress

【摘要】<p>This study aimed at investigating the photosynthetic pigment accumulation and some growth indices of cowpea, maize and</p><p>tomato in response to interspecific and intraspecific competition stress. The study was carried out under a screen-house to</p><p>minimize extraneous factors such as pests and rodents using a randomized complete block design (RCBD). Seeds of</p><p>cowpea, maize and tomato were collected from the Department of Crop Production and Protection, Faculty of Agriculture,</p><p>Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. These seeds were planted at a depth of about 3 mm below the</p><p>soil.&nbsp;</p>

《寒旱区科学(英文版)》 | 2017年2期 | Ezekiel Dare Olowolaju

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Effects of Severe Drought and Glyphosate Stress on Physiological Characteristics and Protein Expression of Photosystem II in Genentically Modified Soybean

【摘要】The paper was to investigate effects of glyphosate stress on physiological characteristics and protein expression of photosystem II(PS II) in genentically modified soybean GTS 40-3-2 seedlings under severe drought condition. [Method] A pot experiment was carried out in growth chamber to determine the response of genetically modified soybean treated by severe drought stress and different concentrations of glyphosate at the third compound leaf stage. [Result] Severe drought treatment increased the electrolyte leakage (EL), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase (POD) activities, and decreased the relative water content (RWC), chlorophyll content, and catalase (CAT) activity. The EL, SOD and POD activities were significantly increased in severe drought and glyphosate treatments, which were related to glyphosate concentrations. The chlorophyll content decreased, which was also related to glyphosate concentrations. But the BWC and CAT activity were not affected by glyphosate concentrations. Western blot displayed that PS II protein Lhcb2 was not affected by stress conditions and stably expressed. DI, D2 and Lhcb4 protein level decreased, and there was no significant change in Lhcbl expression under severe drought stress. The protein levels of DI, D2, Lhcbl and Lhcb4 decreased with the increase of glyphosate concentrations under severe drought and glyphosate stress. When the glyphosate concentrations were 0.92 and 1.84 kg? ai/hm2, the protein levels of DI, D2 and Lhcb4 were slightly higher than those in severe drought stress. When the glyphosate concentrations were 3.68 and 7.36 kg? ai/hm2, the protein level of DI, D2, Lhcbl and Lhcb4 decreased sharply. [Conclusion] This research provides a theoretical basis for production of genetically modified soybean.

《Plant Diseases and Pests》 | 2019年2期 | Chang Lijuan

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Isolation and characterization of the GbVIPl gene and response to Verticillium wilt ]n s cotton and tobacco

【摘要】Background: Verticillium wilt is a serious soil-borne vascular disease that causes major losses to upland cotton (Gossypium hirutum L.) worldwidely every year. The protein VIP1 {VirE2 interaction protein 1), a bZIP transcription factor, is involved in plant response to many stress conditions, especially pathogenic bacteria. However, its roles in cotton response to Verticillium wilt are poorly understood. Results: The GbVIPl gene was cloned from resistant sea-island cotton (G. barbodense) cv. Hai 7124. Expression of GbVIPl was up-regulated by inoculation with Verticillium dahliae and exogenous treatment with ethylene. Results of virus-induced gene silencing suggested that silencing of GbVIPl weakened cotton resistance to Verticillium wilt. The heterologous expression of GbVIPl in tobacco showed enhanced resistance to Verticillium wilt. The PR'S, PR 1-like and HSP70 genes were up-regulated in GbVIPl transgenic tobacco after Verticillium wilt infection. Conclusion: Our results suggested that GbVIPl increased plant resistance to Verticillium wilt through up-regulating expressions of W/, PR 1-like, and HSP70. These results provide new approaches to improving resistance to Verticillium wilt in upland cotton and also have great potential for disease-resistance breeding of cotton.

《棉花研究(英文)》 | 2018年4期 | ZHAO Pei+

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Contrast of Aspect Expression in English and Chinese

【摘要】<p>Aspects are defined as different ways of viewing the internal temporal constituency of a situation. This paper attempts to analyze the differences of aspect expressions between Chinese and English in detail from semantic perspective.</p>

《东方教育》 | 2016年5期 | 王一好

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Distribution of winter-spring snow over the Tibetan Plateau and its relationship with summer precipitation in Yangtze River

【摘要】<p>The distribution of winter-spring snow cover over the Tibetan Plateau (TP) and its relationship with summer precipitation</p><p>in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River Valley (MLYRV) during 2003–2013 have been investigated with the</p><p>moderate-resolution imaging spectrometer (MODIS) Terra data (MOD10A2) and precipitation observations. Results</p><p>show that snow cover percentage (SCP) remains approximately 20% in winter and spring then tails off to below 5% with</p><p>warmer temperature and snow melt in summer. The lower and highest percentages present a declining tendency while the</p><p>middle SCP exhibits an opposite variation. The maximum value appears from the middle of October to March and the</p><p>minimum emerges from July to August. The annual and winter-spring SCPs present a decreasing tendency.</p>

《寒旱区科学(英文版)》 | 2017年1期 | ZhuoGa

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Genome-wide identification of OSCA gene family and their potential function in the UPdates regulation of dehydration and salt stress in Gossypium hirsutum

【摘要】Background: Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) provides the largest natural fiber for the textile manufacturing industries, but its production is on the decline due to the effects of salinity. Soil salt-alkalization leads to damage in cotton growth and a decrease in yields. Hy peros m o I a I i ty-g a ted calcium-permeable channels (OSCA) have been found to be involved in the detection of extracellular changes which trigger an increase in cytosolic free calcium concentration. Hyperosmolality-induced calcium ion increases have been widely speculated to be playing a role in osmosensing in plants. However, the molecular nature of the corresponding calcium ion channels remains unclearly. In this research work, we describe the OSCA genes and their putative function in osmosensing in plants by carrying out genomewide identification, characterization and functional analysis of the significantly up-regulated OSCA gene, GhOSCA 7.7 through reverse genetics. Result: A total of 35, 21 and 22 OSCA genes were identified in G. hirsutum, G. arboreum, and 6. raimondii genomes, respectively, and were classified into four different clades according to their gene structure and phylogenetic relationship. Gene and protein structure analysis indicated that 35 GhOSCA genes contained a conserved RSN1_7TM (PF02714) domain. Moreover, the c/s-regulatory element analysis indicated that the OSCA genes were involved in response to abiotic stress. Furthermore, the knockdown of one of the highly up-regulated genes, Gh_OSCAl.1 showed that the virus-induced gene silenced (VIGS) plants were highly sensitive to dehydration and salinity stresses compared with the none VIGS plants as evident with higher concentration levels of oxidant enzymes compared with the antioxidant enzymes on the leaves of the stressed plants. Conclusion: This study provides the first systematic analysis of the OSCA gene family and will be important for understanding the putative functions of the proteins encoded by the OSCA genes in cotton. These results provide a new insight of defense responses in general and lay the foundation for further investigation of the molecular role played by the OSCA genes, thereby providing suitable approaches to improve crop performance under salinity and drought stress conditions

《棉花研究(英文)》 | 2019年2期 | YANG Xiu1t

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Systematization of features and requirements for geological survey of railroad subgrades functioning in cold regions

【摘要】<p>The operation of a railway track in cold regions results in the premature deformation of subgrade soils caused by significant</p><p>temperature fluctuations and ecological imbalance. Identification and calculation of the thawing degree of permafrost</p><p>soils, frost heaving of clays, and groundwater flooding require careful engineering and geological surveying. The paper describes</p><p>the unique, long-standing experience of the university scientists connected with maintaining the Russian East-</p><p>Siberian and Trans-Baikal Railways&#39; facilities. Specific features of and requirements for the surveying, depending on the</p><p>geological and climatic conditions, are identified.</p><p><br/></p>

《寒旱区科学(英文版)》 | 2017年3期 | Aleksey Lanis

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