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Identification of LmUAP1 as a 20-hydroxyecdysone response gene in the chitin biosynthesis pathway from the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria



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Genome-wide identification of OSCA gene family and their potential function in the UPdates regulation of dehydration and salt stress in Gossypium hirsutum

【摘要】Background: Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) provides the largest natural fiber for the textile manufacturing industries, but its production is on the decline due to the effects of salinity. Soil salt-alkalization leads to damage in cotton growth and a decrease in yields. Hy peros m o I a I i ty-g a ted calcium-permeable channels (OSCA) have been found to be involved in the detection of extracellular changes which trigger an increase in cytosolic free calcium concentration. Hyperosmolality-induced calcium ion increases have been widely speculated to be playing a role in osmosensing in plants. However, the molecular nature of the corresponding calcium ion channels remains unclearly. In this research work, we describe the OSCA genes and their putative function in osmosensing in plants by carrying out genomewide identification, characterization and functional analysis of the significantly up-regulated OSCA gene, GhOSCA 7.7 through reverse genetics. Result: A total of 35, 21 and 22 OSCA genes were identified in G. hirsutum, G. arboreum, and 6. raimondii genomes, respectively, and were classified into four different clades according to their gene structure and phylogenetic relationship. Gene and protein structure analysis indicated that 35 GhOSCA genes contained a conserved RSN1_7TM (PF02714) domain. Moreover, the c/s-regulatory element analysis indicated that the OSCA genes were involved in response to abiotic stress. Furthermore, the knockdown of one of the highly up-regulated genes, Gh_OSCAl.1 showed that the virus-induced gene silenced (VIGS) plants were highly sensitive to dehydration and salinity stresses compared with the none VIGS plants as evident with higher concentration levels of oxidant enzymes compared with the antioxidant enzymes on the leaves of the stressed plants. Conclusion: This study provides the first systematic analysis of the OSCA gene family and will be important for understanding the putative functions of the proteins encoded by the OSCA genes in cotton. These results provide a new insight of defense responses in general and lay the foundation for further investigation of the molecular role played by the OSCA genes, thereby providing suitable approaches to improve crop performance under salinity and drought stress conditions

《棉花研究(英文)》 | 2019年2期 | YANG Xiu1t

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Identification and characterization of two novelcathelicidins from the frog Odorrana livida

【摘要】Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are a group ofgene-encoded small peptides that play pivotal rolesin the host immune system of multicellular organisms. Cathelicidins are an important family of AMPs thatexclusively exist in vertebrates. Many cathelicidinshave been identified from mammals, birds, reptiles andfish. To date, however, cathelicidins from amphibiansare poorly understood. In the present study, twonovel cathelicidins (OL-CATH1 and 2) were identifiedand studied from the odorous frog Odorrana livida. Firstly, the cDNAs encoding the OL-CATHs (780 and735 bp in length, respectively) were successfullycloned from a lung cDNA library constructed forthe frog. Multi-sequence alignment was carried outto analyze differences between the precursors ofthe OL-CATHs and other representative cathelicidins. Mature peptide sequences of OL-CATH1 and 2 were predicted (33 amino acid residues) and theirsecondary structures were determined (OL-CATH1showed a random-coil conformation and OL-CATH2demonstrated a-helical conformation)。 Furthermore,OL-CATH1 and 2 were chemically synthesized andtheir in vitro functions were determined. Antimicrobialand bacterial killing kinetic analyses indicated thatOL-CATH2 demonstrated relatively moderate andrapid antimicrobial potency and exhibited stronganti-inflammatory activity. At very low concentrations(10 μg/mL), OL-CATH2 significantly inhibited thelipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced transcription andproduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-a, IL-1band IL-6 in mouse peritoneal macrophages. In contrast, OL-CATH1 did not exhibit any detectableantimicrobial or anti-inflammatory activities. Overall,identification of these OL-CATHs from O. lividaenriches our understanding of the functions ofcathelicidins in the amphibian immune system. Thepotent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities ofOL-CATH2 highlight its potential as a novel candidatein anti-infective drug development.

《动物学研究》 | 2019年2期 | Ruo-Han Qi

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An Empirical Analysis on the Identification Difference of the Link of the Moral Education Curriculum in the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Schools

【摘要】<p>As an important part of school education, moral education shoulders heavy responsibilities</p><p>in enhancing morality and fostering talents. From the longitudinal system of education, moral education,</p><p>due to its requirement of long-term education for long-lasting effect, determines the importance of the</p><p>smooth link of moral education at different stages of education. For a student to develop a good moral</p><p>character, the smooth interlink and coordination of moral education at each stage of school education,</p><p>especially the joint efforts of each stage of education is required. How to promote the interlink of moral</p><p>education in each stage of school education, and form an integration of moral education system, is of</p><p>great significance to improve the work of school moral education.</p><p><br/></p>

《大学教育科学》 | 2016年6期 | Lu Xiao-zhong

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The Transfer Ideal under the Action of a Nonmetacyclic Group in the Modular Case

【摘要】Let Fq be a finite field of characteristic p (p 2) and V4 a four-dimensional Fq-vector space. In this paper, we mainly determine the structure of the transfer ideal for the ring of polynomials Fq [V4] under the action of a nonmetacyclic p-group P in the modular case. We prove that the height of the transfer ideal is 1 using the fixed point sets of the elements of order p in P and that the transfer ideal is a principal ideal.

《数学研究通讯(英文版)》 | 2019年3期 | Jia Pan-pan

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Isolation and characterization of the GbVIPl gene and response to Verticillium wilt ]n s cotton and tobacco

【摘要】Background: Verticillium wilt is a serious soil-borne vascular disease that causes major losses to upland cotton (Gossypium hirutum L.) worldwidely every year. The protein VIP1 {VirE2 interaction protein 1), a bZIP transcription factor, is involved in plant response to many stress conditions, especially pathogenic bacteria. However, its roles in cotton response to Verticillium wilt are poorly understood. Results: The GbVIPl gene was cloned from resistant sea-island cotton (G. barbodense) cv. Hai 7124. Expression of GbVIPl was up-regulated by inoculation with Verticillium dahliae and exogenous treatment with ethylene. Results of virus-induced gene silencing suggested that silencing of GbVIPl weakened cotton resistance to Verticillium wilt. The heterologous expression of GbVIPl in tobacco showed enhanced resistance to Verticillium wilt. The PR'S, PR 1-like and HSP70 genes were up-regulated in GbVIPl transgenic tobacco after Verticillium wilt infection. Conclusion: Our results suggested that GbVIPl increased plant resistance to Verticillium wilt through up-regulating expressions of W/, PR 1-like, and HSP70. These results provide new approaches to improving resistance to Verticillium wilt in upland cotton and also have great potential for disease-resistance breeding of cotton.

《棉花研究(英文)》 | 2018年4期 | ZHAO Pei+

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Spring Festival in the Eye of a Street Photographer


《文化交流》 | 2016年2期 | By Xiao Qi

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Expression analysis of eight amphioxus genes involved in the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

【摘要】<p>The Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway plays a crucial role in the embryonic development of metazoans. Although the pathway has been studied extensively in many model animals, its function in amphioxus, the most primitive chordate, remains largely uncharacterized. To obtain basic data for functional analysis, we identified and isolated seven genes (Lrp5/6, Dvl, APC, CkIα, CkIδ, Gsk3β, and Gro) of the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway from the amphioxus (Branchiostoma floridae) genome. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that amphioxus had fewer members of each gene family than that found in vertebrates. Whole-mount in situ hybridization showed that the genes were maternally expressed and broadly distributed throughout the whole embryo at the cleavage and blastula stages. Among them, Dvl was expressed asymmetrically towards the animal pole, while the others were evenly distributed in all blastomeres. <br/></p>

《动物学研究》 | 2016年3期 | Jing WANG

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A Numerical Study of Mesoscale Vortex Formation in the Midlatitudes: The Role of Moist Processes

【摘要】<p>In this study, a three-dimensional mesoscale model was used to numerically simulate the well-known “98.7” heavyrainfall event that affected the Yangtze Valley in July 1998. Two experiments were conducted to analyze the impact ofmoist processes on the development of meso- scale vortices (M V) and their triggering by mesoscale wind perturbation(MWP). In the experiment in which the latent heat feedback (LHF) scheme was switched off, a stable low-level col field(i.e., saddle field—a region between two lows and two highs in the isobaric surface) formed, and the MWP triggered a weakM V. However, when the LHF scheme was switched on as the MWP was introduced into the model, the M V developedquickly and intense rainfall and a mesoscale low-level jet (mLLJ) were generated. The thickness of the air column and averagetemperature between 400 and 700 hPa decreased without the feedback of latent heat, whereas they increased quickly when theLHF scheme was switched on, with the air pressure falling at low levels but rising at upper levels. A schematic representationof the positive feedbacks among the mesoscale vortex, rainfall, and mLLJ shows that in the initial stage of the M V, the MWPtriggers light rainfall and the latent heat occurs at low levels, which leads to weak convergence and ageostrophic winds. In themature stage of theM V, convection extends to the middle-to-upper levels, resulting in an increase in the average temperatureand a stretching of the air column. A low-level cyclonic circulation forms under the effect of Coriolis torque, and the mLLJforms to the southeast of the M V.</p>

《大气科学进展》 | 2019年1期 | Yongqiang JIANG

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